Critical Surveillance and Dispatch System

Critical Surveillance and Dispatch System
DS-6801 is an integrated command & dispatch system specially designed for emergency communication. It can greatly facilitate on-site command & dispatch in emergency incidents handling, such as massive riots, disaster rescue and major events security with excellent voice &video dispatching and full interoperability between multi-standard public networks and private networks.

(1) Quick deployment

·Compact design, light weight, small size, easy for carry and deployment.

·Built-in MIC, touch screen operation, easy to use.

·Integrated with high-definition, highlight and wide temperature display, can be used in tough devironment.


(2) Flexible video-capture

·Support video receiving from mobile camera, and fixed camera.

·Man-pack transmitter support 1-2km wireless video transmission


(3) NLOS long distance wireless video transmission

·Video relay is used for increasing transmission distance and improving transmission performance in NLOS environment

·With video relay, the distance of wireless video transmission will reach up to 5-6km.

(4) High integrated video functions

·DS-6801 is integrated with video control, storage and transmission modules, variety of I/O interfaces, easy for display and transmission.

·Support up to 2  channels of wireless video receiving

·4  channels of video recording

·4*4 video matrix and 2*2 HDMI matrix

·One H.264 IP video coder module  for IP transmission

·3G module (customizable)

(5) Powerful voice dispatching

·Multi-standard voice dispatching and interconnection.

·Support up to 6-party conference call.

(6) Vehicle-mounted Deployment

·As small size  and  light weight, DS-6801 supports a quick  and independent deployment on the vehicle.

·With the modification of the communication vehicle,DS-6801 supports embedded installation on the vehicle.

System Networking

(1) Field Dispatching

·DS-6801 working as a local voice & video dispatching center.

(2) DS-6801 working as a local voice & video dispatching center.

·DS-6801 working as a part of integrated dispatching system, voice & video information can be transmitted to the high level commander center.

Typical Applications

DS-6801 can be quickly deployed on site as an unified voice & video dispatching platform to provide reliable communication solution for incidents like unexpected accidents rescue,natural disaster rescue,big events security guard,etc.

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