TETRA Digital Mobile Radio

Rugged, Durable Design and Easy Operation
MT680 rugged design is enhanced with a large 260K color TFT LCD enabling the access of pertinent information with ease, even under bright sunlight. User-friendly interface, keypad entry, and powerful (4W) speaker provides excellent operation and communication experience.

Exceptional Quality and Flexible Installation
MT680 flexibility allows for virtually any install location. You may integrate the front panel with the main unit, or install it separately at a place where you can easily access operation controls. The optional front panel is IP67 compliant, capable of delivering you exceptional performance in extreme conditions.

Versatile Services and Functions
MT680 supports all TETRA voice and data services. With its built-in GPS feature, information about your location will no longer be an issue. Optional encryption feature will bring you more benefits. The expansion port is another advantage, enabling you to customize your radios feature.

Instant and Seamless Communication
High transmit power (10W) enables you to reach team members long distances. MT680 enables quick access to TETRA networks and roaming services. Additionally, MT680 provides powerful interoperability with base stations and terminals of different manufacturers.

Operation Mode 
-Trunking Mode Operation (TMO): communications over TETRA network (semiduplex and full duplex mode)

-Direct Mode Operation (DMO): direct communications between terminals without network intervention (semiduplex mode)
Voice Services

-Group Call: Standard Group Call; Priority Group Call; Emergency Group Call; Broadcast Call; Late Entry; Talking Party Identification; DGNA Service; Group Call Scan; Talk Group Management; 

-Individual call: Standard Half Duplex Individual Call; Standard Full Duplex Individual Call (TMO); Priority Individual Call; Emergency Individual Call; Calling Identification; Pre-emption Priority Call
-Telephone Call (PSTN/PABX): Full Duplex Telephone Call; DTMF; Calling Identification; Pre-emption Priority Call

Security Services
-Air Interface Encryption  TEA 1, TEA 3,  TEA 4
-Air Interface Encryption
-E2EE (End-to-End Encryption) Security Services: E2EE Encryption Module; Multiple Algorithm Support 
-PIN/PUK Code Access
-Security Class 1, 2, 3 
-Ambient Listening
-Discreet Listening
-Configure Information Protection

User Safety
-Emergency Button  
-Keypad Lock
-Out of Network Alarm
-Multimode GPS Application
-Low Battery Alarm
-Emergence Call Red Screen

Data/Messaging Services
-Short Data Service (SDS) – Type1, Type2, Type3, Type4, TL Data
-Status Message 
-Packet Data Service (PEI) 
-One Button-trigger Status Massage 
-Long SDS Receiving
-Further Developing Interface Reserved
-At Command (PEI)

Global Positioning Service
-Built-in and Fully Integrated GPS
-Position Information Transmission during Emergency Call 
-Time Synchronization and Calibration
-Multimode GPS Application (time trigger, distance trigger, time & distance trigger)
-Remote Enable/Disable
-Support Lip Protocol
-Position Information Display

User Interface Features
-16 programmable key for quick access to function
-Multi-function Talk Group Selector and Volume Control Knob
-4-way Navigation Keys
-Dedicated Emergency Button 
-Call Log: missed/received/dialed lists
-Flexible Dialing (list scroll, direct dial, alphabetic search, last number redial) 
-External Palm Microphone 
-Adjustable Display Contrast
-11 Languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Farsi, Catalan, Malay, Arabic etc.)
-Selectable Profiles
-GPS Location Service: Built-in high sensitivity GPS; Fully integrated single-chip GPS receiver; Full programmable position update triggers; Position information transmission during Emergency Alarm; Time Synchronization and Calibration

Advanced Features
-Provides Java Application Platform 
-WAP Browser* 
-Over The Air Programming (OTAP)* 
-GPIO Program* 
-Circuit Mode Data*

Frequency Bands 350-400MHz/380-430MHz/410-470MHz/806-870MHz
Machine: 70 x 184 x 201mm;
Front Panel: 70 x 184 x 82mm;
Remote Machine: 70 x 184 x 177.6mm;
Base Station: 174.3 x 230 x 321.3mm
Machine: 1900g;
Front Panel: 395g;
Remote Machine: 1655g;
Base Station: 6356g
Operating Voltage
Machine & Remote Machine: 10.8V-15.6V (Typical values 13.2V);
Base Station: AC:13.2V (10.8V-15.6V); DC:100-240Vac/50-60Hz
RF Specifications
RF Channel Bandwidth 25KHz
RF Power Output 10W
RF Power Level Accuracy ±2dB
Receiver Class ETSI EN 392-2/396-2 Class A & B
RX Static Sensitivity -112 dBm (typical -116 dBm)
RX Dynamic Sensitivity -103 dBm (typical -105 dBm)
Maximum Audio Power Output 4W (internal); 10W (external)
GPS Specifications
Sensitivity ≤-146dBm acquisition sensitivity; ≤-162dBm tracking sensitivity
Accuracy 2.5m CEP
Cold Start (Time to First Fix) <35s
Hot Start (Time to First Fix) <1s
Environmental Specifications
Humidity ETS 300 019 (95%)
Water and Dust Protection IP54 (main unit), IP67 (front panel), IEC60529 or GB-4208-93
Drop, Shock & Vibration MIL-STD- 810C/D/E/ F/G
User Interface
Talk Groups-TMO
Low memory machine: 2048
High memory machine: 3000
Talk Groups-DMO
Low memory machine: 1024
High memory machine: 2000
Phonebook 1000
Missed Calls 20
Received Calls 20
Dialed Calls 20
Low memory machine: 50
High memory machine: 400
Low memory machine: 20
High memory machine: 50
Low memory machine: 10
High memory machine: 50
Drafts-TMO 61
Low memory machine: 64×200 (200 groups in each list)
High memory machine: 200×200 (200 groups in each list)
Low memory machine: 32×200 (200 groups in each list)
High memory machine: 50×200 (200 groups in e


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