TETRA Portable Terminal

User Friendly Interface
PT580H’s compact and large textured keys provide an excellent tactile feeling. The large TFT color display enables you to access pertinent information with ease, even under bright sunlight. As many as 20 programmable keys are configurable for quick access through one button operations.

Reliable Through Design
PT580H is designed to comply to TETRA ETSI Standard, MIL-STD- 810 C/D/E/ F/G, IP67 Dust & Water Protection and Hytera ALT Test simulating over years usage. These tests ensure PT580H will stand up to the toughest conditions and environment.

Versatile Services
In addition to voice and data communication services, PT580H also allows users to customize various functions, including GPS, Encryption, Man-Down, etc.

Operation Mode
-Trunking Mode Operation (TMO): communications over TETRA network (semiduplex and full duplex mode)
-Direct Mode Operation (DMO): direct communications between terminals without network intervention (semiduplex mode)

Frequency Bands 350-400MHz; 380-430MHz; 410-470MHz; 806-870MHz
Dimensions (H×W×D) 127.5 × 54.5 × 35.5mm
Weight 367g
Operating Voltage 7.4V
Battery 1800mAh Li-Ion battery
Battery Life (5/5/90 Duty Cycle) >16 hours
Humidity ETS 300 019 (95%)
Water and Dust Protection IEC60529 IP67
Drop, Shock & Vibration MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G
RF Specifications
RF Channel Bandwidth 25KHz
RF Power Output 3W/1.8W (for 806-870MHz)
RF Power Level Accuracy ±2dB
Receiver Class ETSI EN 392-2/396-2 Class A & Class B
RX Static Sensitivity -112dBm (typical -116dBm)
RX Dynamic Sensitivity -103dBm (typical -105dBm)
Maximum Audio Power Output 1W
GPS Specifications
≤-148dBm acquisition sensitivity;
≤-162dBm tracking sensitivity
Accuracy 2.5m CEP
Cold Start (Time to First Fix) <26s
Hot Start (Time to First Fix) <1s
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