Atex Fire Skull Vibration Headset

1. Sound is transmitted by vibrating bones in your skull, keeping ambient noise away.
2. Large-sized PTT for easy operation.
3. In-helmet capability enables it to work with gas masks.
4. Fast connector between conduction parts and PTT enables you to be responsive to any emergency event.
5. PTT complies with IP55requirements.
5. ATEX approved.

Speaker Specifications:
Sound Pressure Level: 82±2dB (Single part,0.2w/0.5m); Rated Power: 200mW, Max. Power: 500mW;
Distortion (typical): <5% @ 1KHz;
Speaker Impedance: 32Ω±15% @ 1KHZ;

Microphone Specifications:
Sensitivity: 45dB below 1vot / G acceleration@1kHz;

PTT Specifications:
Weight:120g(excluding clip);

Application: for users engaged in fire fighting, rescue, mining and chemical engineering. It is designed for those who need to wear helmets and masks.

Compatible Radios:TC-700Ex

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