Airline Industry Can Benefit From Complete Communications System

YT- Communication offers its telecommunications equipment and software for all sorts of industry. One such industry that can benefit from its complete communication solution is the airline industry.

How Can The Airline Industry Benefit From YT- Communication

• The company has a digital trucking system with an array of application services that can address the needs of each airline/airport-related task like security and ground service, maintenance, ground operations, etc.
• It allows for interconnection of various sites within the same airport or other airports, offering the ability for cross-network communications.
• It comes with a Voice Recording System tied to the base station. This will help with the day-to-day operation supervision and address any after-incident investigations and liability judgement.
• It allows for flexible device management functions that various airlines need.
• Security personnel can take advantage of the covert radios
• Numerous indoor coverage solutions to attain coverage for inside, basement and even inside aircrafts.
• The PSTN gateway allows the radio to make phones calls.
• Airlines and airports can benefit from the civil aviation dispatching system, as it effectively betters the ground handling work.

YT- Communication Provides Intelligent Location Service

The Intelligent Location Service provides an easy way to track and present information to the fleet as well as the emergency status of indoor/outdoor locations.

• It’s a scalable solution that can be used on one computer or multiple ones.
• It offers multiple talk groups as well as individual calls with dispatch functions and audio playback.
• It has an array of radio technologies via off-air decoders and repeater direct link.
• Extremely strong database functions to control radio users and fleets.
• It can store and defer actions.
• GPS location services that also includes a location mapping option.
• Indoor location services along with management of receivers and beacons.
• It can be interlinked to third-party applications.
• It can support various types of radio technology without problems.

How YT- Communication Helps Airlines With Their Visual Ground Handling System

With an efficient ground handling workflow management system combined with the dispatching system, dispatchers know what the work order statuses are and can get in touch with the right group. Inside the dispatcher application is the Gantt chart that offers visualization on all ground handling task that relate to an airport’s scheduled flight. On this chart are PTT buttons that can assist the dispatcher to call a certain group’s radio.

What Are The Benefits Of This System

• A visualized chart enables the administrator and dispatch watch the ground handling task as they occur.
• Dispatchers and ground staff are made aware of any delayed task.
• Dispatchers can use the map to keep an eye on the airport gate statuses.
• Automated reports for all ground handling tasks assist the administrators to be more responsible.

What Are Some Features Of The Ground Handling System

• Manual and automatic assignment for ground staff
• Assignment notice for flight gate
• Modified short message inquiry and announcement
• Update of workflow position via the portable radio
• History report inquiry and transfer

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