YT- Communication Helps Law Enforcement Keep Themselves and The Public Safe

Police officers and law enforcement are constantly in communications with dispatchers and each other to safety patrol the streets and keep people safe. It’s why they need a portable device that’s easy to use on hand at all times, which they can find from YT- Communication. There are an array of radios and accessories that can handle the demands law enforcement need.

This is the generation of big data, which means law enforcement must have portable devices to extract and use real-time information, helping them to work alongside their team and the Command and Control center.

With the intelligent applications, officers’ real-time positions are noted and emergency information can be sent to ensure their safety. YT- Communication offers a full line of communications products that help in all areas of public safety.

Responding To A Fire Alarm

When firefighters are battling a blaze, they require reliable communications, which should include:

  • High-quality audio
  • Real-time information
  • Real-time video

They need all this and better safety devices to ensure their safety while carrying out their mission.

YT- Communication, from the first moment a call goes out to the last victim, can provide the communication tools law enforcement needs to better their services.  Their products can keep law enforcement apprised of situations so that they can better understand what is being asked of them from their commanding officers.

  • The Mobile Command and Control center can use the system to provide real-time field data to those in charge so that the right decision is made.
  • With audio and video equipment, law enforcement and other safety personnel can set up a critical surveillance system so that well-timed on-site dispatching is carried out.


How YT- Communication Can Help The Command and Control Center

There’s little doubt how overwhelming information can be. This is why commanders demand a powerful platform that brings together all the information they need to address more than one agency at a time. The goal is to ensure timely decisions are made regarding emergent and non-emergent situations.

YT- Communication understands how the interconnection work between wired communication systems, wireless communication systems, video transmission systems, SATCOM systems and more. With an open interface, these systems can connect with modified intelligent application services like vehicle identification system, fingerprint identification system and a host of others.

  • It helps to bring various systems together to ensure rapid responses are made
  • Effective and quick collecting of information when multiple agencies are working together
  • Offer smart, versatile applications and services along with value-added functions using established systems that have open interface.