YT- Communication Provides Critical Radio System For Railway Network

The railway system is regarded as the most complex network in the world. And, it’s really no surprise. After all, railways are charged with ensuring people and cargo get to their intended destinations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

And, because of that, it’s important that this same efficiency is applied to the communications. For this to occur, there must be a user-friendly, reliable radio system in place for the daily operations as well as the emergency calls.

There are all kinds of folks working in the railway systems including but not limited to:

• Drivers
• Dispatchers
• Administrators
• Security Personnel
• Emergency Response Teams
• Engineers

And, all these folks demand a large coverage area in which to communicate through underground terrain, inside buildings and outside. Their assigned handhelds should be durable and tough, lasting an entire shift. They also need to ensure these radios have GPS capabilities and telemetry functions, providing both management features and superior control.

What Is The Solution?

Train dispatches are constantly on the lookout for methods that’ll improve efficiency and to help them deal with urgent circumstances as quickly and effectively as possible.
YT- Communication’s TETRA and DMR Series radios offer digital clear voice communications, data/voice recording, fleet management software and so much more to ensure effective management and dispatch of the whole fleet.

What are some of the accessories from YT- Communication? They include:

• Bluetooth and covert earpieces so that workers can send and receive communications easily even in noisy settings and where the covert communications are necessary.
• High-capacity, long-lasting batteries that ensure radios will continue for more than one shift
• Base stations that improves the coverage and signal

All of it offers a customizable radio solution for folks who’ve been searching for some type of digital communications solution.

What Are The Benefits Behind YT- Communication’s Products

• Fleet management software allows for better efficiency with clear-cut digital communications, telemetry and messaging.
• Slim portable radios that make carrying and using the radio easy and inconspicuous.
• Repeaters help in extending radio ranges and connect to more than one site.
• Increase efficiency in running of trains.
• Automatic Talk Group Matching eases the drivers’ burdens, as they won’t need to make changes to speak with the dispatcher when coming into a station.
• Drivers can put their attention on where it needs to be.

There’s no doubt that a fully-visual dispatching with Tracking Train positions will help increase operator efficiency. Should an accident occur, the operator must make quick decisions regarding the immediate response to avoid potential loss and damage. With the real-time graphic user interface, operators know where trains are located. It saves them time to dispatch the necessary services such as message sending and broadcast calling.