How YT- Communication’s Products and Software Can Help Network Operators Carry Out Their Jobs More Efficiently

YT- Communication offers many smart management solutions for numerous users, with features that include but are not limited to:

  • Administrator authority management
  • Subscriber legitimate area partition
  • Site cluster

These and more offer the ability to manage an entire network.

A Look At Authority Management

With authority management, virtual administrators can work with no interference – ideal for operators’ network with customers from numerous companies – and increase their daily efficiency.

A Look At Site and Subscriber Partition

Operators, with various scale networks, can split the base stations or subscribers can recognize legit area and attain a plethora of billing model.

A Look At Alarm Management

Real-time alarms are categorized into multi-levels, designated by the various colors. The idea is to offer operators a chance to focus on key alarm data that require immediate attention. Both e-mail and SMS alarms recognize the real-time network control.

A Look At Device Monitoring and Management

Operators can know when things are running efficiently – hardware device, channel resource, parameters, and device data and running data. This means users will have the holistic data of the whole network. It will lead to more efficient management and day-to-day maintenance.

How YT- Communication Brings Optimization To The Network

In order to get the most return on investment, a wireless communication network needs to optimize the margins to increase the network source usage. This mechanisms that need to be optimized to ensure this happens include:

  • Field data collection
  • Parameter analysis
  • Modification of parameters
  • Hardware inspection

An adjustment in the network structure could actually impact the quality of the service.

A Look At Expanding Coverage

Coverage estimates offer network rationalization to balance out the repeater sites and frequency resource. With a solution for both inside and outside, the efficiency in the whole network infrastructure is significantly better.

A Look At Anti-Interference

Both multi-path interference and multi-order intermodulation can produce positive results in the frequency planning. However, the alloy materials and filter that are used within the RF system can also have a positive effect, lessening the noise reduction seen with RF resources.

A Look At Business Equilibrium

The business equilibrium offers an array of information regarding network status including but not limited to:

  • Dropped rate
  • Network congestion
  • Occupancy

This data ensures corrective measures can be added or rerouted to ensure devices are more efficient and the subscriber has a better experience.








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