The Intrinsically Safe Answer

With an array of Tetra, DMR and analog I.S. radios that can meet your needs… whatever they may be.

The most important aspect of the oil and gas industry is safety. And, because of this, from top to bottom, the industry uses ATEX, FM, IECEX and UL913 principle to limit electrical energy in and around dangerous locations.
Using YT-communications solutions, every radio, audio equipment and third-party devices are deemed intrinsically safe certified and will meet all general IS oil and gas requirements.

Increased Safety

Any ATEX, FM, IECEX and UL913 IS-specialized radios offer an array of features to them including GPS, emergency call, man-down and lone work so that your team stays connected anytime, anywhere.

Durable Radios In Rigorous Jobs

YT-communications have durable radios that meet the highest U.S. Military Standards 810, C, D, E, F and G. It’s also suitable for use in the water.

Intelligent Communication Platform

Allows for smooth, dependable communications between various communications and radios
The platform that YT-communications offers allows for the ability to intercommunicate between an array of communication modems – Tetra, DMR, PSTN, Email, etc.   RFID tags, video surveillance and remote sensors are significant players in the refinery sector. Thus, YT-communications’ platform offers wireless technology with these monitoring devices to ensure two things: increased work efficiency and safe production.

Unified Communication Platform

With a unified communication platform, it’s possible for dissimilar networks to communicate with each other in a convenient manner.

Communication Is Continuously Easy

There are no longer blind coverage areas. Everything is covered including basement and electromagnetic shielding infrastructure.

The Answer For Your Digital Pipeline

Your pipeline will be taken care of thanks to the integration of the data service and radio network.
With a digital pipeline, you no longer need to worry about how long your pipeline is because communication is instantaneous.  The YT-communications wireless radio system allows for both data service for the monitoring system and voice service for the front-end teams. Thus, you can combine your telecom and monitoring networks into one unit.

Be In The Know

You can find out what’s going on in the pipeline whenever you want.

Easy Operation

The pipeline can easily be controlled, allowing for an effective system for on-site cooperation.

Giving It Plenty Of Protection

Be sure you set up first responder capabilities so emergency calls are responded to in an efficient manner.

Intelligent Work Order System

The Intelligent work order system ensures you get a handle on an array of information in an efficient manner.
An array of sources offer up thousands of pieces of information on a daily basis. Sources like monitoring devices, production equipment, supervisors and assets. Managers often wonder how they can effectively deal with the plethora of information that comes in.
This is why YT-communications developed an intelligent work order system. It’s designed to process data and automatically communicate this work where it needs to go.

Better Efficiency

With one radio, employees are given information they need to work safely and effectively.

Encourage Productivity

In order for your teams to work effectively, the work order system gives them messages they need in a timely manner.

Quick Response

Teams are able to coordinate a better response to whatever they need to be responsive too.